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What Clients Have To Say...

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"Our experience with Nancy Colantino has been truly exemplary.  She is highly skilled and highly effective.  Our son received reading and language therapy from her, and he truly enjoyed it!  Nancy is a master of integration.  She transitioned seamlessly from activity to activity, always keeping our son actively engaged with her multi-sensory approach for the purpose of advancing, both his relational and intellectual development.  Her balanced, personalized and professional approach to encouraging and equipping our son has instilled great confidence in him and our family.  Our deepest gratitude for the countless hours she poured into our child.  Our son is thriving in all areas of life due in large part to his training and experience with Nancy."

- A.W.

 "I would not be the person I am today or in the position I am in life today without reading therapy from Miss Colantino.  When I was in 2nd grade, my teacher noticed I was struggling more than average and after a few tests, it was clear I was & am Dyslexic.  In the same year I started reading therapy which saved me from not getting held back that year.  Now I am 22, I just graduated college as Magna Cum Laude of my class and got a job with one of the biggest companies in the world.  Everyday since I was that 2nd grader, I have been so thankful for Miss Colantino for teaching me that my disability did not need to define me or hold me back.  After a few years of reading therapy, my skills and ability were above the current grade level I was at.  Barely able to read, unable to spell my last name but all it took was the right approach that was best for me.  This boosted my confidence across the board; no words could ever describe my or my family's appreciation for what effect this had on me.  I hope many people come to share this appreciation, education is such a crucial aspect of life and mine is based on a foundation I built here.  Shakespeare made up his own words and they have stood the test of time; dyslexia is only a disadvantage if unaware how to grow with it."

- P.M.

 "Nancy was such a blessing to us!  When my daughter was in middle school, we realized that while she had always been a straight A student, she had gaps in reading comprehension.  Nancy introduced us to a program called V/V (Visualizing and Verbalizing).  She explained to us that our daughter needed help in making movies in her mind as she was reading to help her remember what she read.  This is something many of us do naturally without even thinking about it.  She worked with her weekly.  My daughter went on to graduate salutatorian of her high school class; went on to nursing school, taught everyone in her class how to create stories and pictures to memorize 100's of pharmaceutical drugs.  Then she went on to CRNA School just graduating and passing her boards!  I truly do believe that Nancy is a part of my daughter's incredible success in her career.

Nancy is kind and encouraging and so excellent at what she does!"

- P.B.

My son worked with Miss Nancy for about two years.  During that time she was nothing short of amazing.  At each visit, she provided therapy and tutoring in a way that made it enjoyable  for my son.  She made their sessions interactive and incorporated a variety of activities focused on his goals.  My son doesn't typically like structured assignments.  So, working with Miss Nancy was great because he never felt like it was work.  For him it was fun, even though he was learning.  Miss Nancy is an amazing speech-language pathologist and undeniably awesome at her craft.

We live about 40 minutes away from her facility.  We pass multiple other Speech facilities, many of them are covered by insurance.  We opted to travel further and pay full price, just to be tutored by her.  Anyone who is lucky enough to be tutored by Miss Nancy will absolutely excel." 

- C.M.

"I have a great granddaughter who has been jumping hurdles her whole life.  She sees a developmental physician and we have enrolled her in numerous programs.  When she was 13, she began working with Nancy Colantino.  It was a match made in heaven.  She had auditory processing disorder.  She began therapy with Nancy and we saw so many wonderful changes in her life, school, and friendships.  I was able to observe a few of her sessions and Nancy used the simplest situation to the more complex.  Every interaction was a chance to learn and grow.  I would highly recommend Nancy for any child who needs help.


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